Sudoku online
nonzero is a company founded in 2004 to create and supply puzzles and games for Italian and international media: press, Internet, mobile entertainment and interactive television.
Based in Milano, nonzero was the first to bring Sudoku to Italy, in December 2004.
Since May 2005 editoriale nonzero publish the first Italian logic puzzles magazine, Logic Art, and in July launched Sudoku, the first Italian magazine completely dedicated to the new craze.
In May 2005 nonzero started to supply Sudoku grids to Il Secolo XIX of Genoa, the first Italian newspaper to publish it daily.
nonzero puzzles are now published by other italian dailies as La Repubblica, Il Giornale, Il Nuovo Quotidiano di Puglia, Sera Città and magazines as Focus Giochi and Donna Moderna, etc.
Interactive Sudoku puzzles, with an original friendly interface, are available daily in La Repubblica and Yahoo!UK websites. Presently, worldwide, hundreds of thousands of players are solving nonzero Sudoku puzzles every week.
In march 2006 nonzero organized at Lucca, Italy the First World Sudoku Championship in Lucca.